In the News: Remember That Beat-Up Guild F-30?

Imagine my surprise when a Guild I worked-on back in December showed-up in the local news with the whole story of its life laid-out by the current owner(s).

You can read the whole thing over at the WRV Herald's page with the story (click here). He has nice things to say (thanks!) and the guitar's history is a pretty fascinating glimpse at how families can connect through the years with their instrument-totems. I know that every time I play "the old family mandolin," I feel a bit of that ghostly tingle in my fingers.


Warren said…
That is the most beautiful story I have read in a long time Jake. You must feel special to be part of it now. I’m speechless here kinda...!
1drumm said…
A Sailor’s Guitar

What a wonderful tale!
It brought me to tears of joy!

This inspiration, of a family's
legacy, the importance of
craftsmanship, and the
Spirit of music, stand
forever in time...
Thanks for sharing!
Michael Mulkern said…
A very poignant piece indeed. Seems to me that our diligent and dutiful doctor does a lot more for his customers than simply repair and restore fretted instruments.
daverepair said…
Great backstory, Jake!! And of course, nice repair work. I too find that the family instruments, that come to me for help, are often the most satisfying to work on: bringing a musical instrument back to life, that has special meaning to a person or family(usually, it's getting passed down to another generation).
Rick Sky said…
This is a very touching and beautifully written story. How wonderful it truly is, that you are a part of it Jake!
Matthew Reidsma said…
Such a great story! I remember seeing the video and wishing there *had* been photos. The patina on that guitar is amazing.
Claude said…
A wonderful story. It illustrates what we musicians all know, that there's so much more to an instrument than wood and strings.