Local Flavor: Long Trail at Brandon Gap

Up in our section of Vermont we're extremely lucky to have the great outdoors pretty much everywhere to escape "isolation." The weather's been chill lately, however, so even though the kids have been on April break this week we haven't done much outside of reading stories together  and hanging-out.

Today we finally got out and about and we're going to do the same tomorrow. We were going to head down to Bingo Brook off of Route 73 to take a walk on the road, but the part of it we like was still closed for the season. Instead, we went up to the top of the gap (around 2200') heading over to Brandon and caught the gentler part of the Long Trail for our walk today.

What you can't really grab well with a camera are the mountain vistas that peek through the trees, but for the girls and Bonnie and I, the zen-garden atmosphere of the mossy glacial rocks was good enough for target-shooting with our lensed boxes.

The kids brought along some of their "kitty fairy" stuffed animals (the ones Bonnie makes) for the walk. They found plenty of gnome homes and goblin holes, for sure, while winging their way through the woods.