Mailbag: 1890s Gordon Parlor Guitar

I got an email about this pretty little box the other day -- wondering if I had any idea about its manufacturer. I'm pretty sure the Gordon name is just a retailer/distributor's mark.

The guitar itself looks a lot like 1880s-1890s Boston-made, Haynes-factory Bay State builds and certain specs -- the 24 3/4" scale length, lightly-radiused fretboard, orange top color, stamped-style headstock rear, heel shape, etc. lean me in that direction. The tuners are also similar to the ones found on most of the old Bay State boxes I've worked on.

Clearly, the bridge is replaced -- but most of the rest looks original to it.

If anyone has a better idea of the make, please send word.


gzunic said…
this page indicates that Gordon was a piano manufacturer and music shop.

here is a listing for a Gordon brand mandolin on Ebay:
Reese said…
This is just Hurt Me pretty.