2008 Gibson Custom Shop ES-339 Semihollow Electric Guitar

This is a customer's ES-339 that was just in for a setup -- so please forgive the dead strings in the video clip.

ES-339s are ES-335s with a smaller body shape. I've gotta admit -- it's pretty cozy in the lap. The neck is absurdly-fast and slim and has more open fret access than you really need, too.

I really have no complaints about the instrument (it setup from an iffy state in 10 or 15 minutes) other than that the pickups are a tad too hot (and so a bit dark) for my taste. If you're playing driving rock -- sure thing -- but I was longing for more of the '60s Gibson clean-and-clear sparkle on the top end.

This particular one is awfully pretty -- the grain is nice in the wood and the finish has that nice three-dimensional vibe -- which is why I took the time to snag the pics and do a quick video.