Quick Note: Yes, You're Getting Through

...it's just there's a lot going on. Summer's incredibly busy so far -- lots of walk-ins and, curiously, antiquers about. Is Coronavirus a thing anymore? I've been working around the edges of my "work day" because not much has been getting done during the day.

So, yes, I've been even more terrible than usual about returning emails, Instagram messages, Facebook messages, random Messenger messages to our landline, phone messages, paper-airplane-delivered messages, gestures out the windows of passing cars, and the wild barks of scattered foxes out our back window in the middle of the night.

Those last ones, though, keep 'em coming, right?

I'm going to try to push through weeks of unanswered emails on Monday. I try to do it until my eyes bleed or my fingers go numb when I actually do it. If you have something pressing that needs attention ASAP, please call me until you get my voice.

It's simply that crazy right now. That's why I'm writing this at 1:30 AM rather than a sane hour.

Much love to you all!