1966 Gibson LG-1 Flattop Guitar (Lefty)

This beauteous old LG-1 came in with an original plastic bridge that was lifting, so the (lefty) owner decided it was time to replace it and get it setup properly for left-handed enjoyment. It's an absurdly-clean guitar, with no cracks and very little wear and tear to the finish. It also arrived all-original.

Soundwise these mid-'60s (narrow-nut) LG-1s are a bit barky and woody, but not as full-on-volume champs like their '50s forebears. If you don't mind the narrow nut and neck profile, they also make excellent fingerpickers as there's so much note clarity and snap to the sound.

Lefty conversion went smoothly -- I cut a new rosewood bridge using the outline of the original and lightly Jakeified the profile a bit (longer "wing cuts" because there are no pearl-dot inlays in the bridge to need a wider top-deck) while I went at it. Unfortunately, Gibson put the original plastic bridge in the wrong location for good intonation, so in order to use the same footprint I needed to place the saddle pretty far aft on the bridge for proper compensation.

After the bridge work, all I needed to do was cut a saddle, restring, and set it up. Hey presto! Lefty for a lefty. We win. And... tain't it a beaut?


Phillips said…
What !!! No sound clip..