Local Flavor: Up on Blueberry Hill Again

Last week we did our yearly wild-blueberry picking at Blueberry Hill -- part of the Nat'l Forest area up here in Goshen, VT. It was a hot, nasty day but the constant breeze and clouds up there kept it relaxing and fun. We scored enough to make a pie, but we'll be going back tomorrow to try to grab some more. Of course I want more pie. Mmmmm.

After picking, we took a dip in a mountain stream with waterfalls closer to home with family. It was nice to swim somewhere other than the river, but the water sure was bitter cold. Nonetheless, kids and men swam until we were chased-out by the womenfolk. There's a deep pool in said stream and you can swim down into it like you're looking for a dang kelpie -- or maybe Grendel's mom's den. Then you can scramble over rocks into waterfall-pools above it. It's basically... idyllic. Mythological, even.

These last few shots are just around home -- I was out in the evening trying to spy something in the garden to catch my attention.

Our own blueberries are coming-along.