1940s National Professional Trombone

This is what happens when folks wander-in and need some cash on the quick -- I can't help but buy their random gear. This one was pretty-enough that it tempted me. I didn't do anything but wipe it down and sanitize the mouthpiece, give it a go for a few hours, and then sanitize the mouthpiece again and hang it up.

There's not much information on this instrument's make on the net -- only a cryptic reseller's eBay listing with grandiose ideas of value. Clearly, it self-identifies as a US-made instrument and judging by the case and workmanship, I'd guess it's probably a late-'40s build. If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know.

So -- I don't play trombone, and I'm not planning on doing so, so I won't make you cry by listening to my unfathomably terrible brass "skills" on it.

It appears to be all-original, though the finish has been cleaned-up at least once in the past (I can see some streaking). I see no real damage and it's in good working order as far as I can tell, though there's a bump/ding just above the counterweight and there are a few small nicks/dings on the underside of the bell.

It has a nice case, though the outside fabric covering of the case is damp/icky. If I had my druthers, I'd pull as much of the canvas/fabric covering as I could and then just hit the whole outside with spray paint in a fun color of choice. The inside seems in good shape to me.