1979 Fender Precision Bass Electric Bass Guitar (Modded)

This old P-Bass arrived with this sliced-up, non-original pickguard and a diseased wiring harness and non-original, active, EMG pickups. Its owner wanted to go old-school and so we did that on a budget with a fresh wiring harness (500k pots, Mallory 022 cap, good jack) and an Artec-made, Alnico 5-magnet pickup set.

After that it got some deep cleaning and a good setup and... hey presto! It sounds and feels like a nice, older P-Bass should. It's got that bottom-drawer clunk to its sound that's just right.

The strings are ancient and were crusty and tarnished as heck, but after some steel-wooling they're back to rights but with that good, worn-in, slightly-mellowed sound to them.


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