1998 Fender (Mexico) Deluxe Player's Stratocaster Electric Guitar

It is what it looks like -- a Mexican Strat with gold hardware, a '60s-ish repro neck profile, and with a good, classic tone. This was just in for a setup, but I figured I'd share some pics.

The whammy bar is a replacement from my stash of them. A note for anyone servicing these -- Fender chose to glue to the little push-button to the back of the pickguard (this button adds the bridge pickup when you've got your selector switch on "neck" or "neck+middle" positions so you can get the "neck+bridge" and "all three" selections.

Suffice to say, the push-button falls off the back of these as the glue fails. Rather than just regluing it to the pickguard and having it fall off again, I used some foam behind the pickguard to push it up into position instead. It works.