Local Flavor: Fantasy Waterfalls & Shop Update

Here are a few shots from yesterday evening -- at one of our favorite places -- Texas Falls off Route 125. We decided to close an hour early to celebrate the first day of fall with a walk. I had a really, really difficult (extremely busy) time last week, so it was good to get a little extra R&R.

Yes, we basically live in a fantasy landscape. I half-expected our girls to find kelpies poking out of the water.

Google has decided to enforce using the new Blogger editor interface this month -- so if you notice any weirdness in post formatting over the next weeks -- blame them. The new interface is not great and pretty slow to use. I know that it's in an effort to modernize the system and make all of Blogger friendlier to mobile devices and such, though, so I suppose it will be worthwhile in the end.

Do you see those water colors? Surreal stuff.

Just a note here, too: there will be a fantastic amount of instruments (mostly inexpensive, but some quite nice ones) coming-up for sale this week. A number of locals are needing to sell-off collections and currently our store looks like it rained gear all over the tables and antiques.

As far as repair work goes, I'm going to probably be shutting-down access to new and local repairs for 2-3 months except for the smallest of jobs. This summer was incredibly busy in-shop and I'm now many, many months behind on longer-term repairs and I'm feeling very guilty about that. If you're waiting -- please know that I'm thinking about your toys.

It's been a struggle to juggle everything and, despite what it looks like, I've been up working late into the night on many nights this summer just to keep sort-of on target.


Andy said…
those pictures must be fake - you know, like the ones of the Moon landing ...