Museum Gets Big Update

Update 9/8: Now the WHOLE museum is updated entirely. Check it out!

I pulled an all-nighter to update the architecture of the Museum page. I haven't updated since early 2019, so it was time.

Now everything is organized by region, factory output/size, and further categories to catch the smaller or unknown makes.

This has been pretty tiring, but I think it will make it much easier to take care of, update, and navigate into the future. I also managed to weed-out a lot of bad formatting that'd arisen from updating a massive single page.

I've updated all of the entries up to 12/31/2019 but I will be doing this year's haul in the near future. I'm continuously going-back into the blog as I go to pull more instruments from years-past under the umbrella of the various makers.

As always, correct me if you see anything amiss. I'm a bit blind at this point.


Unknown said…
You are the best. Thank you for bringing us so much learning and pleasure.
This digital museum was already great. The changes make it even better.
Reese said…
Realworld exam. You pass. With honors.
EScottG said…
Wow! My favorite page on the internet just got even better. Nicely done!
Nathaniel Hunt said…
Thanks for all the work you've put into this, Jake! It's the best resource on the internet for vintage instruments of all types. I've learned so much from it.
7LiveFree7 said…
I love your page, Jake, especially the museum. It's great to ogle all the fantastic instruments that you've seen and worked on. What a resource.