1960s Silvertone 1482 1x12" Tube Amp

My buddy Mark has had this amp for a while -- I remember trying to help him get its contacts grounded/shielded a bit better at one point. Since then he had it serviced by a primo amp guru up in Burlington and now it's humming nicely.

I don't have a video clip as these were just in for show-n-tell, but here's what it does: low-to-medium volume, clean until about halfway, with a midsy voice that has good high-end and a chuggy bass, and no ear-shriek treble. With Fender-style guitars, it sounds crisp and clear but with P90s and ballsier pickups it hits its stride. It's easy to get that "slightly overdriven" sound out of it without killing your ears.

An onboard tremolo that's got that funky, almost-stutter sound is also included -- plus a few inputs on back with slightly different vibes.

Both Mark and I had a chuckle that the factory must've saved 30 seconds or so by cutting the cut-out for the speaker square rather than round. He dates it around 1965.


Unknown said…
This was my amp. I used to strap it over the number plate on the front of my mini bike to go jam with my buddy. It's really nice amp and they have a distinct scent too. The best tremmelo ever!
Wow, what a cool little amp. Had a 50's Sivertone that reminded me of the Fender Champ. A killer little amp!