1970s Traynor YRM-1SC Reverb Master 45w 4x10" Tube Amp

That same fellow de-escalating his electric needs also dropped this old Traynor by for sale. It looks to be mid-to-late '70s in build and is a 4x10" layout with 45w power. Its clean tone reminds me of something halfway between a same-era Fender and a Peavey but with a bit more mids-snap and less of a "deep pool" bass voice. A master volume helps when wanting to keep the overall volume down, too, which I found refreshingly easy to do with this amp while still maintaining a good voice.

The long spring reverb sounds nice until just-beyond half-way up -- at which point it starts to become overbearing and, when really cranked, a bit "ceramic-sounding" in a piezo-y way. It sort-of reminds me of '60s Gibson reverbs in this respect. It's got an old Accutronics tank and I wonder how much a simple tank swap would change that aspect. Its integrated tremolo is good, too, and sounds best with its blend somewhere in the middle. It's nice to have both effects on-board.

Everything works as it should on this amp and it has a selection of vintage tubes parked in back.

It does have usewear throughout, though. The grill attaches with velcro and the velcro is a bit worn at a couple corners so it'd be good to replace that. Two of the speakers are replacements and two are originals. Two of the cones have small repairs to them, too -- coffee filters and glue -- but are working just fine. One speaker's dust cover is missing.

The whole thing is on casters and moves-around easily, thankee-gods. It does weigh a bit if you have to haul it around by the handle, though, but it's not as much of a back-breaker as it looks. The more-modern Peavey-like interpreations of this amp style, like their Fender counterparts, are brutal to have to constantly load and unload at gigs.