1996 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40w 1x12" Tube Amp

This US-made Hot Rod Deluxe is owned by a local jam-group friend who's realized he needs to downsize his amps. It's all-original and in good order save for a bunch of white paint speckle/splatter on the back rear panel. I was going to remove it but I haven't found a good way to do so that doesn't muck-up the tolex.

As you can hear in the video -- it's classic Fender in tone and does all of the stuff you need it to do. It's got a clean and lead channel, master volume so you can keep the output where you want it, lush long spring reverb, and plenty of tone control to dial-in the sound you want out of it. The reverb can get pretty dang wet if you want, too, but it's in service to the sound rather than fighting against it.

Condition-wise, the amp is fairly clean throughout, though with wear in the usual places. There's a bit of grunge/tarnish to the chrome of the top panel and around the hex nuts for the controls. Input 2's jack is stripped on the threads and so lacks a hex nut and washer, but fortunately it doesn't seem to be an issue. The worst of it is that the lower back panel has some white paint-speckling on it that needs to be removed. Fortunately it's on the back.

It comes with its original cover and I've dated the amp to 1996 via its QA sticker.