2000s Gallien-Krueger MB150S III 1x12" MicroBass Amp

A customer of mine is going all acoustic and dropped-off a bunch of electric gear to move-on. If you know about these US-made GK amps, you know that they pack a ton of sound into a small footprint. This guy punches way above what you'd expect for its size and is feature-packed and pro-quality. It's not a practice amp. It's a real bass amp. It's also lightweight at ~25lb.

A player can go from deep, fat, traditional bass right to clean, crisp, modern sounds and anywhere in-between. Additionally, there's a cult following with these amps for use by jazz cat guitarists and yes, it serves well in that function, too.

It's also got more than enough power for the average show these days and an XLR-out gets you plugged right into the PA so you can use the amp more like a personal monitor if desired.

Clearly, though, it's been used -- it has a bunch of wear on the grill and around the edges and has a little bit of accumulated grunge here and there throughout. I cleaned it up a bit on the surface, however, but didn't do a deep clean.

It does work 100% and is ready to go.