2010s Pyle 5-String Resonator Banjo

Considering that these can be had for $150 new off of Amazon, there's no way I can ship it at a competitive price. This guy is basically as-new and it's available for $100 in-shop.

Its factory setup was regrettable but it's actually absurdly-good for the price. That's a common thing with a lot of super-cheap Asian-import instruments these days. This particular "mold" of beginner banjo started-out with an aluminum rim in Japan in the late '60s, moved to Korea in the '70s, and gained a ply-wood rim when production moved to Indonesia and China around the '00s.

Compared to its older "similar" relatives, this instrument has a lot of upgrades. It's got a functional truss rod, comfier and faster neck, coordinator rod setup with a turnbuckle (just like the '70s ones -- for action adjustment on the fly) in the middle of it but an additional anti-rotation bolt for the neck (just like I add for all of the older iterations that lack it and show-up for work), geared tuners at the headstock but...! ...still the same old friction 5th peg.

After setup work it plays well (spot-on 1/16" action at the 12th fret and I compensated the bridge), sounds nice and woody, and seems plenty reliable as well. It seems to have been purchased brand-new maybe 5-10 years ago and never used, judging by the condition.