1970s Yamaha (Taiwan-made) G-55 Classical Guitar

I've worked on so many old Yamaha G-55 guitars that I'm losing track of them. This is a Taiwan-made model from the mid-'70s, I'd gather. These are all-ply in the body and lightly-built, so they always sound good. Unlike a solid-top guitar, though, the voice is not as complex or full in the top-end, though it has lots of bass and mwah.

This one's trade/consignment but it's not worth enough to ship, so it's available in the shop for $200.

It has some previous repairs (a boutiquey charlatan charged my customer $100 to clamp-up a minor headstock crack and restring it -- which he called a "setup" with action at 5/32" at the 12th and high nut slots, sigh, sigh...) but I actually set it up to play at a standard quick classical 3/32" action height at the 12th fret and solved a minor hairline split in the bottom of the heel as well.