1990s Hohner Gruhn Design (Korea-made) F-1 Mini-Jumbo Guitar

George Gruhn had design input on these "Gruhn Design" Hohner models from the early '90s. Most seem to date from '90-'91. This one, to be honest, is a killer guitar. The owner was dropping it off for consignment and I double-checked him on it: "...you sure?" -- but, ya know, some folks just need to downsize.

They were made in Korea and the build quality is good. The tops are solid and the bracing is light and scalloped which is why it just sounds so good. It has a full, velvety tone with good bass and clarity for its size. To my ears, it's got the vibe of a much-fancier, more-boutique instrument and the neck is fast and quick like a '90s electric.

Repairs included: a light setup and restring about a year ago -- it's still playing spot-on. The frets are only very lightly-played so I didn't need to fuss with them at all.

Setup notes: action is low and fast at 3/32" EA and 1/16" DGBE at the 12th fret and it's strung with 54w-12 gauges. The truss rod works and the neck is straight.

Scale length: 25 5/8"

Nut width: 1 5/8"

String spacing at nut: 1 7/16"

String spacing at bridge: 2 3/16"

Body length: 20 1/4"

Lower bout width: 16"

Side depth at endpin: 4 5/8"

Top wood: solid spruce

Back & sides wood: mahogany

Bracing type: x

Fretboard: rosewood

Bridge: rosewood

Neck feel: slim C-shape (to medium), ~10-12" board radius

Neck wood: mahogany

Weight: 4 lb 10 oz

Condition notes: it looks good -- more like a few years old instead of almost 30, but it does have a number of small dings in the top (pictured with glare)