For Small Ones: Bonnie's Critters

This year has taken a toll on Mamas everywhere and their productivity, for sure. I've had a few of  my customers ask me if Bonnie has any of her wool-felt critters in stock and so I figured I'd do a quick shoot of what's in the store at the moment. Foot-traffic sales were pretty busy for her over summer but the year's insanity means she hasn't had time to update her web-sales site at all. We were just about to do a big change-up on it when COVID started.

Anyhow, if you're interested at all for grabbing something of hers for the holidays, just let me know what to hold onto and I can arrange pickup or shipping for you.

Update 12/16: above brown bunny w/lavender scarf is gone, raccoon w/pink scarf is gone, and black cat is gone.

She makes these guys out of upcycled wool sweaters or sources quality, organic wool-felt and fabric. All are handmade up in her workshop and are her designs.

Update 12/16: above coral-colored $16 kitty-fairy is gone!

Update 12/16: all mini-kitties are gone, sorry!

Update 12/16: all wee ones are gone! Sorry!


Seth Travins said…
It’s funny my daughter named her bunny “Bomnie” without even realising it was the name of the maker. I can vouch that these are very lovable critters.