Happy Holidays! & Shop Winter Break

It's official -- the shop is now on our regular break over the holidays. I will be closed from today (December 25th) through January 8th and will reopen for regular hours on January 9th, 2021. As usual for this time of the year, I will still be shipping new orders and completed repairs and allowing pick-up/drop-off of instruments as needed, but I will not have regular hours until the 9th.

Feel free to call or email -- I will be catching-up on a lot of that next week, but through at least the weekend I am going to try to be completely off. I will also be finishing-up some ongoing repairs here and there over break -- and I will, of course, share whatever curious toys get done on the blog. There's a lot of neat stuff almost complete and "right around the corner."

So... enjoy your holidays, everyone, and best wishes for the New Year to you all! I'll be sharing deeper sentiments, business news, thoughts on the universe, and all that stuff over break, but for the moment let me just say: what a year! And also: thank you all so, so much for your continued business, friendship, support, and interest. I'm extremely grateful to be privileged-enough to continue fixing crazy old instruments for a living. I mean, really?!?

And yes... we've each drawn our true selves in the picture above. Kazoo (the cat) is totally gonna smack me with that ice-ball. Little cheese-stealing rat-of-a-cat!


Michael Mulkern said…
Tell Kazoo not to muss up your favorite flannel shirt. Very hard to find another one in those colors!
Claude said…
Happy Holidays to you and your family, Jake! Best wishes for a much improved new year.
Jake Wildwood said…
Thanks guys! & yes, totally, MM -- every time he gets those claws into my precious flannel while I'm hanging-out reading comics I give him a stern look... :)