2000s Seagull Aritst Cutaway Dreadnought Guitar

This Seagull was just in for some light setup-side work but I figured it was worth taking some snaps of it. I don't see a lot of maple-backed Seagulls and I'm not sure whether the company still makes an Artist model with flamed maple back and sides.

Godin's Seagull line (made in Canada like the rest of their flock) is well-built and practical, though I often think they're a little stiff in the tops. It makes them great companions for folks who rough-house with their guitars in and out of bars and coffee-shops and leave them out "ready to go" around the home. Heavy-handed players are the type of people I regularly see them with, too, where the ability to dig into that stiffer top without compressing the sound is an advantage.

I think folk and rock strummers are the target market for these boxes. I see a lot of these guitars with heavy use and abuse and what's nice about them is that often with just a little bit of glorified setup work, they can be back in service after decades of neglect by the owners.