2021 Partser Special 000-28 "Factory Second" Guitar

This is a guitar I put together for a customer from parts obtained via Martin's Guitarmaker's Connection outfit. These are basically "factory second" parts from various lines that can be obtained from Martin with their labels and identifiers yanked-out. It arrived as a neck, fretboard, truss rod, completed body, tuners (not useful) and bridge (not useful) all unassembled and unfinished.

Specs-wise it's a 000-28 with herringbone purfling on the top edge. The neck is a '30s-style profile, too, with a medium-soft-v shape and wider nut. I initially thought the binding was maple because it looked like it had grain to it. I realized during finishing that it's actually plastic but had just been sanded in such a way that a grainy pattern was streaked into it. I rectified that as much as I could without going overboard.

It's a "factory second" body because it had a tiny hairline crack (since repaired) in the treble-side waist -- presumably from when the sides were bent but not obvious until it got closer to being assembled. Otherwise the instrument was basically "new guitar in the white" as far as condition goes. The braces are all lightish-weight and scalloped.

Post-build it sounds excellent. It's classic Martin in tone with that velvety chop in the lower-mids and treble and mellow, scooped mids. Bass is good but also clean and direct as you might expect from a 000 as compared to a dreadnought. It's cut on the insides like a reinterpreted '30s instrument, so that's basically what it sounds like -- though, of course, it's got more "crisp" to it for being new.

Work included: install fretboard and truss rod, fret with medium wire, set neck (I glued and bolted it because the joint was iffy -- I had to shim it), glue bridge, new bone saddle and nut, fit tuners, grain-fill and finish (in a very thin, satin, poly "gel varnish" finish), and setup. I replaced the included bridge with an LMII ebony one I had on hand (the original had a knot in it) and replaced the tuners (cheaper Grovers) with 18:1 Grover Sta-Tite units of better quality. I did not go to too much trouble in fussing over the details on the instrument... the mission was to make a great player with a more "human" touch.

Made by: Martin (Guitarmaker's Connection) - sold as raw parts

Model: like a herringbone 000-28

Made in: USA

Top wood: solid spruce

Back & sides wood: solid rosewood

Bracing type: x, scalloped

Bridge: ebony

Fretboard: ebony

Neck wood: mahogany

Tone: velvety, warm, good tone, scooped mids, clean top/low, lush

Action height at 12th fret: 3/32” bass 1/16” treble (fast, spot-on)
String gauges: 54w-12 lights

Neck shape: medium C/V

Board radius: ~14"

Truss rod: adjustable

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: medium

Scale length: 24 7/8"

Nut width: 1 3/4"

Body length: 19 3/8"

Body width: 15 1/4"

Body depth: 4 1/8"

Weight: 4 lb 3 oz

Condition notes: it's brand-new but it does have minor flaws due to its origin -- there are a few very tiny scratches in the top and back but they're almost impossible to see -- and it also has a repaired tiny hairline crack in the wasit-treble-side that's likewise almost invisible.