Flea Market: Electronics & Whatnot

Alright -- so I was cleaning-up around the shop last night and getting new arrivals stowed-away in the racks. Among the incoming gear for repairs and/or resale are some electronic gadgets (all working, so I'm told) dropped-off by their owners for moving-on that may or may not be of interest. I don't really want to pack them up to ship them -- but they're available here in-shop. If you're interested, let me know and/or make an offer.

The first is a Tascam DR-40. I remember when these tricorder-looking sonic-grabbing gadgets were everywhere at jams and practices a few years ago. These sound good and travel well. It has its power supply and USB cable, though usually a bunch of rechargeable AA batteries ride in the rear.

Next is a simple Yamaha mixer with 4xXLR inputs. These are good to have on hand as extension boards if you're running a lot of lines at a larger event or if you need to group mic inputs and then shunt to another board's single input. Oh, and yes, they of course work well as a personal mixer for coffeehouse-style jobs. It comes with its power supply.

Next is a bulletproof old Shure mic mixer -- like the above Yamaha but far more primitive. These work just fine, mind you, and keep on ticking year after year...

This Lexicon USB audio interface is about as basic as it gets.

Last up is a neat old '50s? Levin mandolin (Swedish). I haven't checked the serial number yet. It looks great from the front but the back needs replacing or a lot of tweaking to get it flat enough to reinstall... as well as knew erfings and braces for the top. I'm posting this mostly as a, "what should I do with this?" request.

I have a devilish desire to thin the body up by half and install a solid block of pine inside to turn it into an electric mandolin with a faux-acoustic "wrapper." I suppose one could also just fix it, too.

Time will tell.


Wastella said…
On the Levin put a piece of spruce on the back, send a uke neck out of the tailblock and have a reverse 180 combo going on. Just a thought. If anyone is capable it is you.