Happy Valentine's! New Album: The Space Mermaids of Europa!

Yesssss, it's here! This is what I was working on in early January over our winter "break." It's been done for a bit but I've recently started distributing my various albums on a bunch of streaming services so I wanted to wait for it to be "up" and easily shared. Of course -- you can download it and stream it free from the SoundCloud player and link above.

The short of it is that this is basically "Book One" in a series of sci-fi instrumental albums featuring the exploits of an electrified string band as they bounce around the various moons and planets in our solar system. This one, The Space Mermaids of Europa, finds the crew exploring underwater on Jupiter's ocean-moon Europa. Europa has a thick icy surface and underneath is, presuambly, a worldwide ocean. 

I'm planning on doing a narrated version of the albums, too, but this one is the shuffle-ready, listen-while-you work or drive format (just instrumental).

As I've been uploading my older albums to streaming platforms (Apple, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon -- where, strangely, Mermaids has gone missing after a week up, and others...) I've also been remastering them to bring them back to life before shoving them out onto the web properly. I've already done over a few and am working on overhauling others as I have time.

For acoustic-oriented folks, Cider Donuts has some new clarity and air to its sound:

For surf/instrumental electric folks, I've cleaned-up We Met in Debt and it just feels more live and fun:

Other old albums are getting "treated" and it's nice to bring these releases up to snuff with my current skillset. I was surprised at how much there was to coax out of really old recordings where the initial material was recorded well but the production was just clumsy.


Reese said…
We Met In Debt = a household classic, around here.
7LiveFree7 said…
It's a very cool idea, a narrated musical novel. I've very intrigued about the details of the story.
7LiveFree7 said…
Just listened all the way through, liked it alot. What came first, the music or the story idea?
Jake Wildwood said…
Thanks for asking! The story — I’ve outlined the next four or five so far, too. ๐Ÿ˜
TN said…
Love this! And nice to hear the refreshed older stuff too. Only thing is now I'm dying to know exactly which instruments were used on every track throughout your whole back catalog...
McComber said…
The next four or five! So much good to look forward to! Well done, Jake. Excellent stuff.
Jake Wildwood said…
TN: Ask away!!! Thank you. :)

McComber: :D :D :D
Jake Wildwood said…
FWIW on this album instruments are:

1x banjisen (3-string fretless banjo) w/pickup
1x small electric guitar in Nashville tuning
1x normal Jazzmaster-style electric guitar
1x DuoSonic electric guitar in open tuning, long scale
1x P-Bass
1x melodica w/pickup

...all (save bass) shunted right through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and various pedals, using a Suhr Reactive Load IR to record silent.
TN said…
Yes, that's exactly what we need--liner notes! Except with links to blog posts so we can all obsess even more!!! :)

Interesting about the silent recording method, not sure if I missed earlier posts about that. Also I went back to original post about Cider Donuts, and see it features the Epi Cortez--sounds absolutely fantastic.

Thanks for everything!
Andy said…
Thanks Jake, had a great drive today with your album!
Jeff said…
Wonderful. Thank you!