1920s Walberg & Auge Folding Glockenspiel

Concert-grade glockenspiels aren't just everywhere. This one sounds tremendous and has that "you can hear it in your skull" sort-of vibe. It's loud, carries well, and has a lot of nice overtones humming all over the place.

It's all-original, comes with two sets of mallets, and is in good shape save a little of the felt starting to wear under the bars. It's so resonant that when placed on a table and played, the case itself rattles a little on the low notes. I think you can hear that in the clip now and then -- as soon as I damp the case with my hands it goes away. I'll be looking into that before long, though, to see if I can damp it with felt or foam.

The case is missing its handle and there's a mysterious "extra C" bar, but basically it's more-or-less ready to go. The whole thing with the case closed weighs a lot, though, so be prepared to be lugging weight if you plan to drag this to concerts. The bigger the bar, the better the sound...!


Exterminator said…
Is this glock going to be up for sale?