1966 Framus 5/115-54 Fret Jet Hollowbody Electric Guitar

My friend Wayne dropped this off for a "setup" -- but, eh, it needed a bunch more. These old Framus hulks are super-cool and have an enormously-retro (garage band? ...surf? ...Spaghetti western?) sound but they're downright quirky and usually need a bit of fuss so that they handle well.

This one got a level/dress of the frets, hard-mounting and modification of the bridge and its base, shims at the neck joint to get the neck angle better, pickupbaseplate springs so the pickups are more height-adjustable, electronics cleaning, and general setup.

It has a Gibson-style scale length, as I recall, and a fast, C-shaped neck profile but with a pretty flat fretboard. It's about 16" radius or so. The whammy sounds great but its mounting-plate is not up to task and bends in use so while it returns to pitch pretty well for the most part, hard dives played a bunch will put it out of tune a little.

The body itself feels pretty neat -- it's 17" on the lower bout and while it looks mostly like an ES-330/ES-335 in general, it actually handles more like a double-cut Gretsch because of that wide lower bout. It's also quite thin.

The switching on the upper-bout is a bit irritating because one needs to throw a couple of lower phase switches now and then to get all of the pickup positions sounding good as one cycles through them. Oh well -- it is of that era.


McComber said…
Holy switchplate, batman! (It's beautiful)