Update: 1920s Vracas (7-String) Bouzouki

There was so much interest in this instrument after I decided to sell it, but the first fella to call me was granted right of first refusal and now it's on its way to him as I write this.

I had originally set this up in the modern 6-string format as I could tell it had been strung for 3 courses rather than 4 when it was made... even though it had 8-string tuners. The buyer schooled me on antique bouzoukis, however, and after a closer look at the (destroyed) original nut we determined it had been strung in an old format -- low to high 3-2-2 and strung Ddd-aa-dd with the wound string before the octaves on that lowest course. Interesting!

So, I reconverted it for him via a new nut and bridge and re-replacement of the original tuners. I think it's definitely got a little bit of something different going on from a normal trichordo bouzouki, so to me it was definitely worth getting a new video of it done and sharing some new photos.


McComber said…
Thanks for taking the time to record this video, Jake. It's both educational and lovely to hear this set-up, speaking as old Celt.