1890s Hopf German-made 4/4 Violin

A fiddling-friend of the owner of this instrument was making fun of Hopf instruments and -- hah -- the joke's on him. This thing sounds great! It's very fundamental, warm, and sweet -- but focused and with good volume. It doesn't project like a brighter fiddle would but it makes-up for that in its voice. It's a forgiving sound that really suits slower pieces and folk-style playing.

I like it. A weirdly-shaped body, deep carve to the top and back, and odd, dark-brown finish are just extra icing on this cake.

It had been gone-over by a good shop at some point and there wasn't much for me to do, but I did have to reglue some seams that had given-way through a dry last-winter. It's now ready-to-go and features Perfection Pegs-style 4:1 geared tuners at the headstock (they look like normal pegs) and quality fittings throughout.

While there's no label in the soundhole, there's a Hopf stamp at the back. Most of this type of Hopf date from the late 1800s and were German-made. They have squarer shoulders and lower bout edges than other instruments and a deeper soundbox.

Repairs included: seam repairs, mild adjustments.

Made by: unknown

Made in: Germany

Top wood: solid spruce

Back & sides wood: solid flamed maple

Bridge: maple

Fingerboard: ebonized maple

Neck wood: maple

String height: classical-style (can adjust lower to taste)
Strings: unknown but good quality

Neck shape: medium C with hair of V

Neck relief: straight

Scale length: 12 5/8"

Nut width: 15/16"

Body length: 13 5/8"

Body width: 7 3/4"

Body depth: 1 1/2"

Weight: 1 lb 2 oz

Condition notes: it's in good order but does have a repaired hairline crack under the tailpiece and general usewear/handling-wear throughout. There are numerous small scratches but, overall, it looks grand. The replacement fittings are all good quality and enhance the look. The 4:1 geared pegs at the headstock are a huge plus practicality-wise.

It comes with: an old hard case.