1960s Teisco/Kawai "Encore" Hollowbody Electric Guitar

The grandson of the original owner brought this in for sprucing-up. Like all mid-late '60s Teisco/Kawai (they were the same company when this was built) hollowbody products, it's very cool but has inherent, typical design flaws which show-up over time.

That said, after fixing, it plays like a champ and sounds surfy/garage-y as all heck. It wound-up receiving a fret level/dress, reinforcement of the neck block area, a new wiring harness (500k pots, Switchcraft jack, simplification of the path), and setup.

The "Encore" at the headstock is the brand the instrument was sold-under in the US, but it's clearly a Teisco/Kawai product. It even has those most-righteous "Sharkfin" pickups that I love so much -- they sound like Jaguar pickups but raunchier.

See this Sharkfin and this Sharkfin for reference.