1987 Giannini Trovador GWNER Classical Quart Guitar

Old, Brazilian-made Gianninis are always fun to have around. Most, like this one, are all-ply in the body... but they have a strange presence about them that makes them more fun than a comparable Yamaha or typical Asian-import ply classical. They're different -- woodier, maybe?

This one is a small, baritone-uke-scale (19") guitar and that would technically make it a "quart" guitar but I've tuned it here "terz" style in G-to-G over E-to-E (like 3rd fret of standard guitar) instead.

I worked on this for a customer and it got bolt-reinforcement at the neck joint, a fret level/dress, recut of the saddle slot and a new rosewood saddle for better compensation, new strings, side dots, and a setup. I also threw-in a freebie pickup to make it useful as a plug-in buddy.

The neck's a little clunky but it's fun to play regardless.

It has a 1987 date-stamp at the neckblock.


CM said…
Jake, I do donation evals on stringed instruments that a 2d hand store in town receives, they just got a Gianinni "Bambino" GWNER (you can find the Gianinni Catalog on-line showing this one.) I was really impressed with the build quality and how loud it was. Other than a few minor bumps and scrapes it was in great shape. The action was quite high and the saddle was already pretty low, so more than "out-patient surgery" would have been needed to make it more than a camp out guitar. _chris m Corvallis