2008 Ibanez SR700 Active Electric Bass Guitar

The headstock's stamped with a 2008 serial number and it was made in the Cort factory in Korea. This guy's only very lightly-played and looks like it could be hanging as unsold gear in a larger guitar shop. It even has the cling-wrap still on on the truss cover and control covers at the rear.

I continue to be surprised at the bang for value that modern, Korean-import instruments provide. This bass handles like a fancy, boutique instrument and looks a lot like one, too. Its pickups are big-sounding and the active preamp lets you get tone from all over the map. It'll boost, too.

The owner of the instrument is moving-on to headless designs and is moving-house, too -- hence why this fella is over here for sale.

Repairs included: a very light setup.

Body wood: mahogany body w/flamed maple veneer

Bridge: fancy adjustable

Fretboard: rosewood

Neck wood: mahogany

Pickups: 2x Bartolini active w/fancy preamp

Action height at 12th fret: 3/32” bass 1/16” treble (fast, spot-on)
String gauges: coated 100w-40 or similar

Neck shape: slim C

Board radius: ~14"

Truss rod: adjustable

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: medium-bigger

Scale length: 34"

Nut width: 1 1/2"

Body width: 12 1/2"

Body depth: 1 3/4"

Weight: 8 lbs 2 oz

Condition notes: it's near-mint with only the lightest playwear here and there. The strings are older coated ones but they sound good though show a little wear to the coating at the usual spot (right after the fretboard extension).

It comes with: a nice hard case.