Local Flavor: Unsettled Spring

Sheesh, April won't make up its mind. The weather keeps changing and the pollen surges and pressure changes keep giving me sinus-style headaches. Yick.

I've also been stupidly-busy, as usual -- but I am trying to enjoy the outside when it's nice. I'd say snagging this trillium (above) in the woods behind the shop (that's like... a 45-degree incline up to our "mountain" peak behind it) counts as when it's nice, though.

Here's a week or so back when it's not nice. Things were getting green when all of a sudden it looked like late November again!

Forunately, growth will not be kept-down.

Bonnie's hyacinths have been opening-up, too.

This spot is just a little ways down from the shop where two branches of the White River join-up. I've always loved the rocky "pebbleway" down the middle and I love wandering up and down the shallows in this area in summer.


McComber said…
I appreciate your writings as much as I’ve always treasured Dr. James Herriot’s. Thanks for taking the time to put down your observations and sense of place.