1950s United-made Mahogany Parlor Guitar

A local customer brought this in for minor setup adjustments and a new tall nut. He's been playing it as a lap-slide-style Hawaiian guitar. I immediately knew it was made by United in New Jersey judging by the heel shape, neck style, 25" scale length, and construction inside. However, I've never seen a model like this which is why I'm sharing.

It's interesting to me because most United stuff is ply in the body save their baritone ukuleles. This one is solid mahogany, though, and features a bridge like you'd see on a classical guitar (or their baritone ukes). The tuners are swapped-out but were originally Kluson covered units which suggests it's more late-'50s than early-'60s in make.

Anyhow, I didn't have time to grab a video for it, but it did sound really good as a slide box -- loud, punchy, woody, and velvety-warm in the mids and highs.