1960s B&J Salvatore Durro German-made 3/4 Violin

I was given this 3/4 violin by a local and so it's available locally to a student in need for the price of strings and setup. It's marked with B&J retailer labels (with the "Salvadore De Durro" mark, though it's not related to the earlier B&J Durro line which had some high-cost instruments mixed-in) and "Strad copy" labeling as well, noting that it's a West German product.

It's well-made and has a good sound, four-fine-tuners setup at the tailpiece, and good fittings. The finish has a curious "spongy" look to it that's interesting, though it's over the usual flamed maple for the back and sides and spruce for the top. The board and pegs are ebony. It's got a 12" scale.

It comes with a hard case and an old bow that's functional but needs rehairing.