2000s PorchBoard Stomp Bass

This particular PorchBoard has been in constant use by a friend of mine for over a decade and it's still going strong. The company is still around and continuing to make this very unit, too. I didn't record a video with it but it does what it does really well -- it supplies a very low-end bump sound that merges perfectly with whatever you want to play on top of it.

It's funny because it's called a PorchBoard but it's more like a subdued kick drum or really-mellow bass thump. You don't get a lot of the treble klick-clack or clank-clank sound that a piezo attached to a plank might get you. That said, wearing stiffer-soled shoes will get you more attack and snap.

At any rate, it's worn around the edges but ready to go. When I tried it out, I liked it best through a bass amp which is where it really sounded full -- like another instrument. Through a normal PA speaker it was more like a good foot-stomp bump as I mentioned above.


Rob Gardner said…
Looks like they are still selling these for over $300! Wow, they must really sound great at those prices.