2007 Swart Spacetone Atomic 1x12" Tube Amp

When I was shopping for a great "shop" tube amp, I was actually down to choosing between this model Swart and the Tone King Falcon Grande I picked-up instead. I really like tweed-ish amps and these Swarts are excellent interpretations of that sound. They don't have an onboard attenuator, however, which meant that for lower-level "shop use" it wasn't going to be practical. Otherwise I might have wound-up with one instead.

That's to say: these are glorious little tweed boxes. There's a lot stacked in that small footprint. It's got a 1x12" Mojotone speaker under the hood, shorter spring reverb tank, tremolo/vibrato circuit, classy looks, speaker-out selection, a heavy-duty chassis, and point-to-point, hand wiring.

I didn't crank the volume in the clip, but it will get nasty when cranked. The kids were home when I was doing the video, though, and I didn't want to get any screams of protest from in the house, heh heh heh.

This one has been babied by its owner since new. He bought a nice cover for it and, aside from a few minor scuffs on the tolex and wrapping here and there, is otherwise "as-new." Some of the tubes have been swapped/upgraded and it comes with its original "long-leash" footswitch for the effects.

It's ready to go and comes with its nice brown cover, too.


Brad Smith said…
Hard not to like an amp with a "space" control.