2017 Warmoth Fried Ash Transparent Brown Strat Body

Parts time! A customer bought this ash body new in 2017 (it has a ship date on the original box) and this was part of a limited run of "fried" bodies. This means that Warmoth "burned" the sunburst in with a propane torch rather than dye or stain. To that was added a gloss finish.

It's a lightweight body (3 lbs 9 oz), never used, and looks great. It would be "as new" except for the fact that it's a bit "shelf-worn" here and there. There are two or three small scuffs on the edges (pictured) which must have happened in storage and while the finish is almost new everywhere, it does show a little light handling scratching mostly on the top, as per a guitar taken in and out of its case a few times. It's not obvious at all -- it looks like what you'd have on one of those Stratosphere "new body pulls" on eBay or Reverb.

It has standard Strat routing and I'm guesstimating that the body was probably a ~$400 part when brand-new.


Reese said…
You forget to signify how much, Mr. W.
Jake Wildwood said…
I’ll have it in the store soon. 🎃