Local Flavor: Apple Blossom Time

We have a few older apple trees on the back hill and they don't always bloom. This year's a bloom year, though, and they're looking great. So here's an apple blossom with an apple blossom.

On Sunday morning I woke-up to investigate the garden. I'd freshly tilled it the night before. We don't usually do a full tilling in the established beds, but Bonnie's been dealing with frustrating joint pain and half an hour of running the Husqvarna will make all that digging for planting a breeze.

Our cherry tree continues to get more bloom-y every day...

...and the tulips are still spectacular.

We've finally got these guys established all over.

On Monday the kids had their first full long swim in the river. They were in there at least for an hour. It's chill. I had my legs in but there was no way I was going to go deeper than that.


Brandon McCoy said…
It looks absolutely beautiful up there, Jake. Glad y'all are thawing out and enjoying the sunshine.
Dave in CO said…
Nice picture. Love the Flat Duo Jets version of this song.