Local Flavor: Flowers, Rain

I've been working flat-out way too much lately (even though it might not feel like it if you haven't seen your toys getting fixed yet) and haven't had much time outside or to myself save peeks at Bonnie's garden goings-on or hanging-out swimming down by the river with the kids. It's finally a three-day weekend with the kids, too, and it's raining outside. Sigh! At least we've been catching-up with fun movies and stories, though.

A friend of mine handed me a brown paper bag chock-full of Anne McCaffrey's Pern books and we started reading them with the kids. They're fun! I used to hunt at used book stores for sci-fi and fantasy finds and always saw her books in great number on the shelves but usually opted for Le Guin, Heinlein, Asimov, Vonnegut, Bradbury, McKillip, and the like. It's fun to experience something both new and old. And... teleporting dragons! Space spores!

Where were we?

Right -- the plank shot -- that's our path through our raspberry patch. The kids eat there like it's a drive-through all summer.

The lone columbines on the edge of the yard are sooooo pretty that I had to put them to shame by including my lady-love in the photo.

B and I were having a "fika" on the porch one day when I couldn't help but snap some light through these tulips. Would you look at that? We had great weather the last couple weeks so it wasn't surprising to see all the road bikers back up here as well.

One of my favorite "flowers" for its inclusion in our Thai-style dishes are these chives.

Also, lilac season was nice this year.

These apple blossoms are now gone but man, I've never seen this old tree so pink until this year.

Under these strawberry flowers, our big patch is starting to grow fruit. I can't wait! Strawberry sorbet, strawberry pie, strawberry crumble... oh, yum...

The lupines are starting to come in, too.

I'm currently hunting down a macro lens for our Sony A. Sorry, lacewing, but this iPhone shot's not cutting it... but you're still a good-looking critter.


Unknown said…
looked up 'fika' - Swedish coffee break - with meatballs?
Brandon McCoy said…
What a gorgeous hunk of land y'all inhabit up there, Jake. Glad you're getting some rest this weekend. With the rainy weather, just grab that '54 000-18 and have a shot and a beer...
Jake Wildwood said…
No meatballs... :D

B: aaaaaaaamen. :)