Local Flavor: Mother's Day Adventure

Saturday wrapped-up another super-busy week in the workshop and on Sunday we had some Mother's Day fun with a walk around midday. It's always gorgeous to walk down the trail to the Sugar Hill Reservoir. It's a lovely drive in to the trailhead through a pretty, meandering dirt forest road.

Once on the trail, you're surrounded (this time of year) with all sorts of wildflowers as you head downhill towards the reservoir. There's often a ton of trilliums and this time the trout lilies were everywhere.

When you get to the bottom of the hill, you come out into the open on the "far side" of the dam from public parking and more often than not you'll have the whole place to your lonesome.

This time the water level was shockingly-low, though. It's easy to see the sandy/muddy bits where the water should be up to. We had a fun time walking the mud flats, though, investigating tree roots and refuse that's been hidden for decades.

The clouds were amazing, too. Just look at those puffs!

And... now that I'm into my second "off-day," it's time to go weed-whack and cut the lawn for its first time... so I'll leave you to enjoy.


Unknown said…
Love these pix!