Music: Internal Adventure

I recently sold some random personal gear and replaced my old 2013 MacBook Pro with a new MacBook Air M1. I'd upgraded everyone else's stuff in the family before me and it was time. That new processor is incredibly powerful and actually having battery life back in a laptop has made my work-life a lot easier.

I also picked-up a USB midi controller, recently, and have been playing with all of the virtual instruments in GarageBand... something I haven't done since 2009's Destroyers of Venus. I had a USB controller ages ago but the modern ones are so much better and sync perfectly with the programs, now.

The tune above is just me playing-around with all that virtual stuff in GB in the middle of the night. It's not going to be a "style" for me, but it's fun to see how much potential there is in tweaking the kit that just comes with the program. I expect I'll be using this stuff around the edges a lot more in the future, though.

The kids are into the virtual koto and guzheng on the iPad version of GB, by the way, where you can bend "plucked" notes on-screen. Cool stuff.