1970s Ibanez Destroyer (FujiGen-made) Electric Guitar

Explorers (be they copies or originals) get the mouth watering for plenty of rockers. These FujiGen-made (Japanese) Ibanez Destroyers come really close to the experience of an original. They definitely come really close (or surpass) the late-'70s Gibson Explorer reissue models. They're lightweight, responsive, and look authentic -- they've got the set neck, the colors down, and the aesthetic down.

This one's owned by a local customer who had me sort-out some wiring trouble and give it a light setup. It appears to be all-original, too, though the pickups are Arcane Inc humbuckers and the jack (a new Switchcraft) and the neck pickup volume pot are both replacements.

What more is there to say, really, but well done? The neck is a comfortable, thin-to-medium C shape with a very-Gibby 10-12" radius to the board. It's fast.