1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar

Yes, it's heavy. Yes, it's well-played. Yes, it's '70s. Yes, it's outrageously cool.

This one's stock except for a replacement, heavy-duty-brass, locking bridge -- and a switch tip -- and replacement pots and caps in the harness. That last bit is what it was "in for" at the workshop. The owner had me swap-out the 300k potentiometers and disc capacitors for 500k CTS pots and orange drop caps.

Tone improved, for sure. It's more "open" and the pickups sound fuller and more interesting. I feel like most electrics feel like they have a cold until you get 500k-or-higher pots in them. There was a little bit of a quacky/icepick tone that the owner was describing for the bridge pickup and that seems to have disappeared, too.

There's not much more to say, really, because these heavy slabs are so dang iconic. Who doesn't know what a Les Paul is if you're not green to tickling the strings? That said -- I love that the finish has aged from "white" to banana yellow and that the gold hardware has followed a similar path to plating oblivion. It's just a good-looking fella, this one.