1999 Martin HD-28 Dreadnought Guitar

This guitar was just in for a new bridge, a fret level/dress, and a setup. Its owner will be hauling it to a local bluegrass festival shortly and that's just where it belongs. It sounds like an old D-28 and, I guess, it's starting to become an "old" D-28 as it's already 22. Time flies! I remember 1999. I was in Paris when we shifted into Y2K. Remember when people said Y2K?

An HD-28 has herringbone trim and some more vintage specs, but I've got to say that tonewise it reminds me of a tubbier-sounding '60s D-28 than it does anything prewar. Time matters, I suppose.

My new replacement bridge is ebony like the original, though a hair oversize as there was an oversize replacement bridge on it when it arrived. The rest of the instrument is stock.