CLOSED TODAY: Saturday 6/19

A mama raccoon and her babies (one of which is pictured above) were outside our back window a couple days ago. It was too much. They were grubbing in the decomposing logs for critters and -- while doing so -- doing all sorts of acrobatic cute stuff by way of swinging on log-limbs, rolling-around, falling off of stuff, and clambering-up the side of things. It was a bit dark, though, and they were in and out of the underbrush, so this (decidedly-not-super-cute) pic is the only one that came "clean." Clean-ish, anyway.

Like the post title says, I'm CLOSED today. I'm almost always here on Saturdays but today I have a bit to do so I'm closed. I'll be back next week for normal hours from Tue-Sat and thereafter ad infinitum -- or whatever feels like it.