Local Flavor: Also, Thank You!

I've been running-around like the headless horseman around here, screaming at my fate and inspiring fear in my guitarry subjects. But...

I wanted to pause to say thank-you, though, to folks who've left tips and donated via the site. You know how in the free market, things that don't relate to cash flow generally get left behind "for tomorrow?" It's the reason why the only fiber internet up here (which we use) is owned by local towns rather than a private entity. It was never worth it to the big firms to spend the cash to open-up our rural routes to fiber.

The same thinking applies to managing the back-end of all my website stuff. Since I've been doing videos on the site, I actually record in 4K HD so that in the future they might be of use to someone who wants to examine them thoroughly. We can't watch them in that definition on YouTube yet, but I record them at that. Those videos and the associated full-res photos eat-up storage space and it was nice to have some guilt-free resources to throw at getting some good extra drives so I could make backups of the backups and put them in my "firebox."

I've also scheduled some guilt-free time to getting the museum updated in the near future and plan to get some articles I've been wanting to write started as well. More on that soon!


Phillips said…
Whatever you do Jake from helping countless guitars and souls is greatly appreciated beyond words can say.i dont think there's anyone who knows you doesn't truly understand all the love you put into it and for that I/we thanks you