Local Flavor: Work Hard, Play...?

I'm not sure if we're at "playing hard" yet, because that won't officially begin until the kids are on summer vacation and will be more willing to go on day-trip adventures. That's soon, though.

Above is the obligatory ants-on-peonies photo from Bonnie's gardening adventures. Here's the one from the other side of the garden, too:

Today I also nearly stepped on this poor 3-foot milksnake while I was wandering-around the river.

This pink flower is super tiny. We got a new (well, new-used) walkabout zoom lens for the Sony A6400 and I was psyched to see it could do this kind of detail so close.

Here are its buddies. These things light-up like strobes in the sun.

Fish-kids were out in full-force, too, fleeing from our shadows wherever we went.

No summer walk is complete without a hunt for flutterbies...