1990 Washburn D-12CE Dreadnought 12-String Guitar

Sometimes I wonder if I should bother posting on an instrument -- it's not like these Washburn D-12CEs are hard to find -- they're found at all sorts of yard sales and thrift stores in various dilapidated states. This one, however, got a new lease on life from its (original, I imagine) owner.

He's pressing it into band use again and so it got a lot of work you might not otherwise see done on something of this caliber. It received a neck reset, replacement (custom) rosewood bridge and bone saddle, a fret level/dress, and will receive a K&K pickup in the morning.

Of course, it's now playing spot-on and quick and has my super-light 12 set on it which suits a light-picked strummer -- gauges 20w/46w, 14/36w, 11/26w, 8/18w, 13/13, 10/10 low to high.

The previous bridge split along its excess pinholes so this time around I made one that doubles-up the strings in each hole and fit a fully-compensated bone saddle, too. This is my personal preference for a 12-string bridge format on an acoustic. To easily mount the strings, one turns the slotted part of the bridge pin towards the thicker string in the pinhole.

This guitar is all-ply, x-braced, and nothing special -- but it is fun to play and I think will serve well as a gigging beater.