1964 Gibson B-25N Flattop Guitar

My, this guitar sounds good. It's got the saucier mids and extra punch I usually associate from a mid-'50s instrument, though it still has the good, round bass I think-of when seeing '60s Gibsons. It's a "good fluke."

This one was brought-in a long while back along with a Telecaster neck in for a refret. It languished, languished, languished. I finally finished it up, though. The owner just wanted a couple cracks cleated and a setup done on it but I also wound-up leveling/dressing the frets and giving it a neck reset, too. It was time -- the saddle was really low and the fretboard extension was "ski-jumping" and notes were fretting-out past the 12th fret.

I'm only sharing because it's a beaut and sounds so good. The bridge is a replacement from someone before me but the rest of the guitar is all-original.

For those not in the know -- the B-25 model equates to the '50s-and-under LG-2 while the B-25N model equates to the LG-3. Same guitars, different names.


Brandon McCoy said…
Yep, that's gorgeous!